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Body weight exercise are one of the best ways to achieve functional strength and endurance; not to forget, a complete body workout for those aesthetic goals! don’t gymnasts have one of the best looking bodies? Oh! Aren’t they strong?


When was the last time you were comfortable in sitting in an ass-to-grass squat? Man’s best resting position has become one of the most difficult movements to practise. Let’s get back to some of our natural primal movements. Let’s move in planes you have forgotten you can!


India’s ancient treasure. Relish by the world! Yoga needs no introduction in our society, but definitely needs a lot more careful attention and practise. It’s health bebefits are too many to mention and to beneficial to be ignored. Have you heard of the effects of proper breathing on exercise? Maybe that’s the lacking component in your workout?


You have gathered enough. Now sit back, process the information and relax. You have seen a lot, now observe inside the beautiful you. Don’t do, just be. Don’t imitate. Evolve.


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