Milk and Bananaz is the brain child of Mr. Navchetan Rai. It was started as a service, providing health and fitness door to door and the journey has now come to a milestone of setting up Bangalore’s first Boutique fitness centre with the trademark name. We at MNB believe in providing you the best Health and Fitness solutions through the means of good posture and disciplined exercise. Mr. Rai is certified through Proton Fitness Academy, Bangalore in various courses namely – Advanced Personal Training (Affiliated to American Council On Exercise), BIG Lift program – Level 1 and Emergency CPR Certification.

Leave your worries behind at our doorstep and come experience a health and fitness approach so caring, delightful and enjoyable, you would almost make it your second abode!

Maximum of 5 patrons in a given session.

Researched scientific content at your perusal, using in depth

methods adapted from Calisthenics, Animal Locomotion, Yoga and Mindfulness,

aiming for holistic health approach.

Food should not be a dependency or an addiction.

Neither the one you are consuming currently,

nor the one you wish to consume.

A space like home? Just that.

Pardon us, may be even better.

Up to 6 FREE PT sessions.

Your introductory assessment and

initial adaptability is on us!

Ready to join?