Animal Flow – A great workout for you, your mama and her mama too!

First of all let me tell you that I don’t believe in Fitness LEVELS, so the moment I read that term on the official website of Animal Flow, I was expecting it to be another GROUP CLASS (Oh I hate those too as in my personal opinion we cannot give one medicine to all headaches without finding their root cause). Since I had already paid for the 2 day workshop I took the Leap of faith and went ahead anyway.

I was expecting it to be another session on some theory and maybe some new moves that looked simple (at least in their videos and on the internet) by the white guy endorsed on the workshop fliers, who would be out there selling his products soon after the workshop. Surprisingly, what I came across was a completely humbling experience that rewired my brains!

The person who came to train us, ended up teaching us. Richard Scrivener is indeed a wonderful person to learn from, as he helps you understand the most minute of detail of every participant in the room, in Flowing from one move to the other, not just aiming at finishing the exercise, but helping you with regressive iterations of the same move, again and again until you actually get it embedded in your neuro-muscular system! I now really have a lot of respect for the whole system of Animal Flow because of Rich to have introduced us to the system in the way he did. I’m sure Mike Fitch and the whole team would be very proud of him and hence he is in the team of Master trainers!(Of course, duh!)

Me with Rich practicing a move from Animal Flow

I realised, the LEVELS in this system are actually not based on you being a beginner, intermediate or advanced in terms of “Fitness“, which if it had been, would have been a huge turn off for me, but rather, its a measure to help us understand how much of the information of Animal Flow have we been able to feed into our neurological system(I strongly believe in this system of learning) and adapt to the new vocabulary, along with the smooth execution of the same. This means, everyone starts by learning the basics of the movement, right from the scratch. (Unlike those group sessions where they want the person to “DIVE IN AND JOIN” the class for “FUN”…yaaayyyy….not! Play musical chairs rather than teaching Fitness Philosophy in this case guys. More fun…yayyyy!! The only injury? Ego hurt of not winning the toys at the end.)

This helps people of any age or background to adopt this wonderfully designed system into their workout regime.

I actually went to the workshop with a back pain in my lumbar region and I actually could feel my back opened up a lot more after the workout. So them claiming the system to improve your Mobility, Flexibility, Strength and Endurance, is actually not a hoax. I will definitely be using the exercises into my prehab and later strength training progressively!

Ah, about the exercises. I saw that almost all who attended the sessions were Fitness Trainers and trust me, we quite overestimate ourselves from the “other crowd”. We all were literally brought to our knees at the end of each day as we struggled in the most basic of Animal Flow movements! The amount of engagement physically and thought wise, required in every move, had to be approved by Rich before we could proceed to try the next one. This helped me also strengthen my belief in preparation before performance of any exercise system, something that we strongly believe at Milk and Bananaz.

At the end of the 2 days, Rich said we would need around 4 to 6 months of practice for our Level 1 Assessment and I am sure about why he said that(Didn’t you see why I called him a teacher and not another trainer?)

The journey starts now. Nah, not of expression, but first preparation! See? You can’t compare your experience in one field with your experience in another and be too demanding. You might be a master in one discipline but just a beginner in the other. LEARN this. UNDERSTAND this. Else continue to go behind Fitness Trends as you were doing anyway, trying to be athletes within one hour of workout and sitting for the rest of your day and hence insulting athletes and their profession.

Trust me, don’t rush into RESULTS. Learn the discipline. Connect with your lost physical self than completing challenges with your friends to post on social media. Listen to what your body is communicating, don’t say you don’t have a healthy relationship with it later.

Now before you quote me out of context and start your keyboard war, click on this  “Out of Context” link and read why you shouldn’t interpret and quote things out of context (If you have not already read it).

Don’t Imitate. Evolve.






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