I know everything about Fitness!

I know everything about Fitness

Urgency is one of those selective states of our mind, where we are the ones who decide when we want it, but it feels like a need all the time. Priority has a major role to play in this. We choose to trigger urgency based on the priority of our “Task list”.

Some introspection into where did this urgency come from made me list down why we actually start making random things our priorities. Some logical conclusion from my perception is:

1. We have too many resources for information and we don’t know how to organise them.

2. Since we have too many resources, we are always filled with lots of random information from everywhere. We don’t wish to “lose out on” anything. This also comes often from the fear of being “left out” or “outcast” in our surrounding gossip, be it in person or behind the keyboard (Which in me view, is totally unnecessary).

3. We love to procrastinate the time to process and understand every information that we come across, parking it aside, believing that some day we will surely deem it important and go back to it. (But hey, you are always searching for more information, do you really believe you won’t forget all those “Saved links”?)

How many times have we filled our Hard disks with hundreds of movies, of even the languages we don’t understand and then frantically bought another hard disk to save us from the dire “shortage” to store the movies/series on our friend’s system. (You know, just in case?…of course you will see them all…NOT!)

As Ido Portal quotes,

We run behind information, chasing it all the time, until at one point it paralyses us“.

In the quest with our greed to know more, we are actually losing out a lot of information during the transition of gathering a lot of it.We seem to save all the exercises, know all the supplement brands, know all the different trends in fitness, yet we search for many more, just in case we would need them.We seem to know everything and understand none of it.

(Now ponder over the previous paragraph for 3 sets of 10 sec each with normal breathing and not going into the state of sleep)

If we actually went back, read and digested
(Read the previous line again. Those are three different stages…ACKNOWLEDGE, STUDY AND UNDERSTAND) each of those articles properly and didn’t just read everything out of context, we would be understanding the aspects of the subject of fitness or another, one step at a time, much more in depth than superficially just going through Headlines and feeling we have known it all.

“All this philosophy is fine Nav, what is it that you are actually saying with this article?”
Oh yes, I am just saying, pause. Whenever you come across an article, read it completely as a run through once. Take a break from everything after reading. Pause. Envision all that you read. If need be, go back to a particular segment. Digest the facts.

If for example you read about a particular exercise. Don’t just think of the end position of the exercise, think of the steps to get in and more importantly, get out of the exercise.
The starting position, ending position and the exercise itself are a whole process in themselves. Also, the steps of getting in the starting position and out of the ending position are also very very important to the exercise discipline.

A lot goes into the magic of the exercise, do not narrow yourself to the superficial make belief self satisfaction of just achieving the “Sets and Reps”.
(Read the previous phrase for a total of 3 Se…oh cmon…I just told you not to restrict yourself to that, didn’t I?)

Respect and digest the information you have, before searching for more and telling it to yourself, that you know it all!

Ok, now practice it. Pause and think of what you read before just changing your screen and getting involved in gathering more information!

Don’t imitate. Evolve.



author: navchetan


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