Out of Context – 5 BEST Exercises to lose belly FAT – NOT!

Metaphors and phrases blown out of proportions, phrases read and interpreted out of their context. This is something I have observed recently but is existent in our lives ever since we have known language being used to communicate or rather, misunderstand each other. Poets have used their lyrical creativity to add ambience to an environment we can only dream of, but the same poems have been read and interpreted in ways that have created turmoil catalyzing some of the major social issues faced today. A similar trend is being observed in the Health and Fitness world.

I cannot stress enough on how important it is to not just blindly follow or imitate a given routine or diet plan. Even the seemingly harmless “Health tips” are misleading at times. A video or a blog is posted on “5 exercises to burn belly fat” and the amount of clicks on that page are more than the number of people visiting a “90% off year end sale”. Just think, if those were the GOLDEN 5 exercises to burn the stubborn excess that you have been wishing for, why would you still be thinking of hunting for new ones after a week of “no result”(Note to self, I’ll talk about this particular expectation aspect some other time). Oh yes, I know it, now you’ll blame our best friend who never complaints taking the blame on itself(object?) – Diet!
Sharing our “failure”(really?) story to “not having achieved” (So many topics to address again!) our “goals”(Arghh, another one) is just the beginning to getting into a paradox which ends with D.I.E.T being the martyr. So what’s going wrong?

Neither were the exercises a hoax, nor was the promise. Its just that, it was read/seen by YOU(Sorry for being so direct) out of context and blown out of proportion in the process of rushing towards a self assumed illusion. No doubt those 5 exercises help in reducing the belly fat, but there is also a before and after and something called “programming” of a workout which cannot be explained or understood in 2 lines, 1 para or even just a single chapter.

These GOLDEN exercises are just a place holder, a reference to improve the quality/diversity of workout ONLY WHERE APPLICABLE. How do you know if its applicable? Ask an expert and trust in them! The same way that you would trust your doctor and follow their advice to the ‘E’ for the given duration and quantity. If your trainer is educated, they will surely give you a plan that’s best for you. Find the right trainer for you just as you would find a suitable doctor and then…trust and be patient!(Another one for the another time)


Don’t imitate. Evolve.

– Nav


author: Navchetan Rai




Thank you for your blessings and encouragement sir! 🙂


Great going! You got yourself a new follower 😉


Thank you Mamta! Will keep expressing! 😀


Nice blog! There’s so much information on the internet (about exercises/diet plans, etc.); one is not sure what to do! Hope these blogs gradually lead all of us to follow a clear path (effectively and pragmatically). More power to you, Nav!


Thank you so much for the love and encouragement Aman! 🙂

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