Our Philosophy

Imagine the leaves of a plant, one very dear to us, start to turn yellow: What is the first thing we would think of doing to save it? The most common answer to this question is - “Water it!” .That probably is the first thing most of us would do. A plant needs water to survive and the quality of its nourishment is directly proportional to its vitality. Fair enough!
Then the next question would be – Why don’t we just colour the leaf green or any other colour for that matter? What? That’s artificial? True! We might be able to reach a level of artistic satisfaction or even pat our backs for doing a good job at painting, but then we all know that this will not keep the plant “alive”.
Well, then why when it comes to our own body do we find “Shortcuts to look good”?
Let's start a journey together and explore your possibilities. Prepare yourself for the real world. There isn't a need to compete. Don't just ask for a supplement, let us discover healthy posture. Come join me and let's practice "Fitness Evolution"™.

Happy Evolvers

Nav is the best trainer. He actually got me out of the phenomenon of over training and feeling fatigue after it. Now I workout for 45 mins to 1 hour a day but it's given me more strength and increased my metabolism. When I started with him I used to say that I can't eat a lot as I was always trying out different diets but being under his guidance I'm eating normally but not gaining weight. My overall approach towards health has evolved and come beyond weight loss and I now instead look forward to doing the optimal amount of exercise and diet. Thanks Nav for making my journey towards my health goal so enjoyable

Ridhi Mahna

When you subscribe to the lifestyle philosophy of Milk and Bananaz, you would notice that you are starting to attain more focus in all your day to day activities. A more vibrant and dynamic discipline starts to get imbibed within your system. The concept of fitness as a journey rather than as a one stop destination will start to grow on you. A healthy glow on your face will be noticed by everyone along with a naturally good physique, though you could care less about them. Personally, it has helped me to progress in my natural strength and abilities. I have moved away from the vice of drinking and it's other friends. Discipline, punctuality and personal contentment are also some of the byproducts . You would be missing out on a whole lot of experience if you don't check out Milk and Bananaz.

Anjan Babu

"Fitness evolution". As new as the term sounded to me, it also excited me nevertheless. Being the unconventional soul that I am, I gave a shot to this journey of a blend of various disciplines, in the safe hands of Navchetan Rai, who is well equipped in his knowledge about health. He not only helps you achieve your fitness goals but also helps you set realistic goals customised as per your individual "biomechanics" as he calls it. Not only have I gained more strength, lost inches, improved my stamina and performance but he also took care of my knee injury that occurred from a "bad form" from an ill informed trainer at a "reputed gym" which I still suffer from but have progressed well. Oh! Did I tell you? He never put me on a diet

Gouri Kapur

For some one like me who was a total non fitness person, being introduced to "Fitness Evolution" is a boon I must say. My motive of meeting Nav was to lose weight, and now I understand that it's not about losing some of that , it's about being fit and Increasing the metabolism. From a trembling plank to now being able to hold one well, comes as a surprise to me. What I like best about Nav's funda is that there's no diet that i need to follow, just eat the right amount and for a foodie like me, what more could i ask for? Loved the journey so far, and I'm sure it's going to be a crazily amazing one, Nav..

Anu Raja